Accounts Clerk Jobs In Malta, Europe 2022

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Accounts Clerk Jobs In Malta

Do you dream of being an accountant in a high-profile company? Express Trailers is the right place for you if so. It is a well-respected Transport and Logistics Company in Malta, Europe. It has international partners in Europe and Asia. The vehicles are GDP-compliant and closely monitored. They are well-trained and capable of safely transporting cargo from any European location.

This Company is currently looking for an accountant to join their team. This is a job that requires knowledge of Ms office.

Interviewees will need to communicate with business partners, as well as perform accounting duties within the Company. Express Trailers is a great place to work if you think you’re best suited for this job.

Information about Accounts Clerk Jobs in Malta 2022

Sector of employment – Transport & Logistics Company
Work time or full-time?
Express Trailers – Name of the Company
Location – Malta, Europe
Type of contract – Contract for hiring
Position – Accounts Clerk
Education – Not mentioned. You must have at least A degree in standard education to be an Accounts clerk for this Company.
Experience in the field of work – Not listed. Interviews with candidates with previous experience as accountants will be more important.
Apply now – How to Apply

Job Duties and Responsibilities To Work In Malta As An Accounts Clerk 2022

  1. You will need to perform accounting duties and assist in other administrative tasks within the Accounting department of the Company.
  2. You must type correctly and keep all accounting records.
  3. Assist supervisors by performing clerical duties.
  4. Record client complaints that are due for a refund, and make sure that they are refunded at the right time.
  5. Keep a log of all transactions in your company.
  6. Collect and verify invoices from clients
  7. So that invoices can be paid to clients, process them.

Employment Requirements to Work as an Accounts Clerk in Malta 2022

  1. Computer knowledge is essential
  2. It is important to be familiar with MS Office, especially Word and Excel.
  3. Excellent writing and verbal skills
  4. It is important that you can work in a set time.
  5. You are able to handle pressure and work effectively under it.
  6. Effective communication is essential with all staff members.
  7. It is important to have the ability to solve any problem with wisdom and patience.
  8. Pay attention to everything related to accounting or work.

What are the benefits of working as an accountant clerk in a company?

  1. Paid leave
  2. Leave for sick
  3. Life insurance
  4. Paid holidays
  5. Attractive Salary Package
  6. Retirement plans
  7. Insurance for the disabled
  8. Dental Insurance
  9. You will find a team of energetic, experienced, and passionate people who will help you to grow your career.
  10. Paid vacation
  11. Paid medical leave
  12. Gym membership
  13. Insurance for health
  14. Paid vacation

How do you apply to be an Accounts Clerk in the Company?

Send your updated resume to the email address below.

We are grateful that you have applied for the Accounts Clerk post. If the Company selects your resume, you will be contacted.

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Accounts Clerk Jobs In Europe

Accounts Clerk Jobs In Malta
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If you are looking for a Job as an Accounts Clerk in Malta, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find information on the Job description, education requirements and salary for this position. This will help you decide if this job is right for you. The Salary for this role depends on your experience and education.

Accounts Clerk

Accounts Clerk jobs in Malta offer the possibility to work with a company specializing in financial management. Depending on the nature of the business, you may handle a variety of tasks, including journal entries, monthly statements, and account audits. This type of job also involves a high degree of organization. If you have the appropriate education and experience, you may be able to find a lucrative position in this field in Malta.

The average salary for an Accounts Clerk in Malta is EUR20,841 per year, or about EUR10 per hour. This position requires a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Job description

If you’re an organized professional with some experience in accounting and want to work in Malta, you may want to look into Accounts Clerk jobs. Accounts clerks are responsible for maintaining the company’s financial records. They liaise with the Financial Controller and help manage the company’s daily issues.

Accounts clerks have many different duties, from processing invoices to communicating with clients. They must be able to work efficiently under pressure and work well with other staff members. They must also be attentive when working and be patient when solving problems. Experience is a key factor in boosting an account clerk’s career. It’s also important to have some knowledge of Microsoft Office.


Salary for Accounts Clerk jobs in Malta ranges from EUR14,013 to EUR22,720, depending on experience. New accounts clerks can expect to make 16,140 EUR per year, while those with two to five years of experience can expect to earn up to 22,340 EUR. The salary potential varies depending on the sector you work for, too, as public sector employees typically earn higher salaries than their private sector counterparts.

Despite the high competition, the accountancy industry in Malta has a steady and lucrative job market. Opportunities abound and recruiters are actively seeking out people with a background in accounting.

Education required

Accounting clerk jobs in Malta require candidates to have an understanding of finance and the ability to handle the finances of both individuals and organizations. This position entails knowledge of client accounting, cost and accounts administration, bookkeeping, credit control, financial management, internal audit, and management accounting. Candidates with a background in these areas will have a lot of options when looking for jobs.

Accounts clerk jobs in Malta typically pay between EUR15,298 and EUR24,801, based on salary survey data from anonymous Malta employees. This compensation level is for entry-level employees and can increase as an employee’s experience and education improves.


A career as an accounts clerk in Malta requires a thorough understanding of finances. Depending on the specific position, accounts clerks can work in many areas, such as financial management, client accounting, and cost and accounts administration. Other areas of accounting work include tax preparation, internal auditing, and management accounting.

An Accounts Clerk role in Malta is available at various companies. For example, Ably Resources is recruiting for an Accounts Clerk position for their client, a leading Automotive & Marine company that represents some of the world’s most prestigious brands. Similarly, J & C Pisani Ltd is seeking an Office Clerk for its administration department. This role includes answering incoming calls and sorting emails and messages.

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