CNC Operator Jobs in Malta, Europe

We are looking for a CNC operator to join our team.

CNC Operator Jobs in Malta

Our company is very old and most of the work is done on the hydraulic system. We need a CNC operator because before then, there were employees who worked as CNC operators in the company. However, we currently need a CNC operator.

We are looking for a skilled and experienced CNC operator to join our company.

We have orders from large clients so we need to deliver the goods on time.

Job Details Of CNC Operator jobs In Malta

Sector of Employment – Factory
Work Time – Full-Time
Name Of Company – Halmann Vella Ltd.
Type of Contract- To Hire
Position – CNC Operator
Date of application – 20/11/2022
Education – High School
Work Experience – Entry-Level Experience
Salary – It All Depends on Your Interview
How to Apply – Click the Apply Now button
Location – Malta
Follow the Email Address to send your Cover Letter and CV.

Responsibilities for Job

  • Experience in drilling or grinding is a must.
  • Preparation is essential for the operation of a CNC machine.
  • Start your work by reviewing all plan blueprints you are given or looking at the blueprint.
  • Translate the command, then put it into the computer. Then tell the machine to go in the correct direction.
  • To avoid any difficulties in your work, you must collect all the raw materials in one location.
  • You must inspect the final product and submit a report to your superior officer.
  • Ability to work three shifts
  • It is possible to increase production by placing the machine in an automated system. This will allow you to make a profit for your company.
  • After inspecting the machine thoroughly, you must inform your superior officer.
  • Examine the final product carefully and make sure it is according to the blueprint. Then, report the problem to your supervisor.

Job Requirements

  • You must provide evidence of your experience.
  • It is important to know how to operate a CNC operator.
  • It is important to know where tools and equipment are located.
  • As a CNC Operator, you will need to work in a team with your colleagues and coordinate with them.
  • It is important to try the product out yourself.
  • You must do the work of a CNC Operator with sincere effort.
  • It is necessary to be able speak, read, and write English.
  • Experience as a CNC Operator is required.
  • At least you must have graduated from high school.

How to Apply

You must have at least 3 to 5-years of experience to be considered for the position of CNC Operator in our business.

You can click the Apply Now button to send your cover letter and resume by e-mail directly to the recruiter.

Thank you for applying for CNC Operator Jobs in Malta. If you are selected, we will get back to you.

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