Factory Worker Jobs in Malta, Europe For Sponsorship

Factory Worker Jobs in Malta For Sponsorship

You can apply for factory worker jobs in Malta if you are a passionate worker and have the desire to work in Malta. We need skilled factory workers and provide food, accommodation and good wages for all employees.

You are ideal for our factory if you have previous experience in a similar job and can lift and move heavy items and goods under pressure.

You can upload your Europass CV and cover letter to apply for work in Malta.

Information about Factory Workers Job

Sector of Work – Factory Sector
Work Time – Full-Time
Name of Company – Schembri Import & Export Ltd.
Type of Contract- To Hire
Position – Factory worker
Date of application – 18/11/2022
Education – High School
Work Experience – Entry-Level Experience
Salary – It will depend on the interviews
How to Apply – Click the Apply Now button
Location – Malta
Follow the Email Address to send your Cover Letter and CV.

Factory Worker Job Description

Job Responsibility

  • Factory workers are responsible.
  • Manuali shifts to the storage space after unloading the store materials.
  • Keep the work areas clean.
  • Before you start working, make sure to prepare the tools and equipment.
  • To transport waste product to the recycling area.
  • After completing the work, check the machine.
  • Moving the storage space and checking the packaging.
  • Product is separated by category.

Factory Worker Job Requirement


  • Experience as a factory worker, or in a similar role warehouse and factory workers is required.
  • Knowledge of how factory machines work and how to fix problems is essential.
  • Ability to lift and move heavy objects to the work area.
  • Good communication skills with colleagues and teamwork skills.
  • High school diploma required

How to Apply

You can upload your Europass CV and cover letter to apply for work in Malta.

Thank You for submitting your application to be a factory worker. If you are selected, we will schedule an interview.

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