15 Highest Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery | Components in USA (International)

Industrial machinery and its components are the machines that are used in factories or industries to produce the products we use every day. 

15 Highest Payin​​​​g Jobs in USA, Europe & International

These machines could include a compressor, generator, lathe, or milling machine. High-paying jobs are available in the industry of Industrial Machinery and its components. This is because the job requires talent, hard work and a lot of skills. Second, this job is less popular.

Highest Paying Jobs in usa
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This article describes the 15 Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery / Components. So, keep reading this article to learn about some of the most high-paying jobs in Industrial Machinery/components.

What are t​​​​he 15 highest payin​​​​g jobs in industrial machinery | c​​​​o​​​​mponents?

  1. Machinist
  2. Operation manager
  3. Financial Manager
  4. Warehouse Worker
  5. Assemblers and Fabricators
  6. Shipping, Receiving & Traffic Clerks
  7. Forklift Operators
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Marketing Manager
  10. Purchasing Manager
  11. Accountants
  12. Industrial Designers
  13. Lawyers
  14. Engineering Manager
  15. Quality Control Inspector

Let’s begin by describing the best-paying jobs in industrial machinery / components

15. Machinist ($48,080)

The job of a machinist is to operate various machines within the industry. These machines include lathe machines, milling machines, grinding machines, etc.

The Machinist must supervise the machine and make sure it runs smoothly. The Machinist must refer to Engineering drawings and blueprints to adjust the settings of the machine to produce any component. The Machinist must also ensure that the product meets the Company’s quality standards.

The Machinist must lubricate and inspect the machine on a regular basis. He must report any problems to his supervisors if he discovers them. Machine operators must keep the Company’s environment clean and adhere to all safety and health regulations.

To be a Machinist, the candidate must have a high-school degree. While some companies prefer to hire experienced workers, others are open to hiring freshers. However, Machinists need to have basic computer skills and mathematical skills.

This is a hard job that requires you to be able to lift at least 50 lbs. This job requires extensive training and skills. The annual salary for machinists is $48,000. Experienced machinists make more than $81,000 annually.

14. Operation Manager ($114,300)

Next on our list is Operation Manager. An operation manager’s primary responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of an industry. They are responsible for recruiting employees, checking production equipment, ensuring that products meet quality standards, and solving employee questions and problems.

The Operation Manager must also develop new strategies for improved production and equipment. They are able to solve any problems that may arise in the manufacturing section of the Company.

To work in an Operation Manager position in a Company, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or Engineering. An operation manager typically earns $114,200 annually.

13. Financial Manager ($130,800)

Financial Managers are responsible for the financial health of the company. He must present financial reports to managers and make presentations. The financial Manager must also make financial decisions for the industry. He is responsible for preparing the budget and financial strategies to improve an organization.

To be eligible for this job, the candidate must hold a BS or MA in Finance, Economics or Accounting. You should also be familiar with various financial software tools to help you work in a company’s job position.

An average annual salary for a Financial Manager is $130,700 The average salary can vary depending on many factors, including experience, location, and company.

12. Warehouse worker ($31,100).

Each company has its own warehouse worker. There are common responsibilities that warehouse workers have to fulfill, including picking the products on time and maintaining a safe warehouse environment. Warehouse workers are responsible for choosing the products, loading them into their containers and packing them. Finally, they store them in their designated places.

In short, a warehouse worker must maintain a warehouse. They also need to adhere to all safety and health rules when working for any company.

A high school diploma is required for warehouse workers. A warehouse worker typically earns $31,000 annually. It can vary depending on the company, where you live, and your experience.

11. Assemblers and Fabricators (36,100)

Fabricators and assemblers are essential in the manufacture of various components within the industry. They can assemble products by hand or using machines. They can also detect defective components and fix them before assembling the product. Fabricators and assemblers must also keep their workspace clean, safe and tidy.

To be able to work in this industry, you must hold a high school diploma. Certain industries, such as the food industry, offer opportunities for freshers to work as Assemblers or fabricators.

However, the automotive industry needs experienced candidates to work in Assemblers or Fabricators.

An Assembler or fabricator typically earns $36,000 annually. However, the salary for an experienced candidate is more than $50,000 per year.

10. Shipping, Receiving & Traffic Clerks

The Organization’s shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks keep records of goods imported and exported. These records include the charges, weight and space taken by each product. They must also pack, seal, and label the goods in order to ship them.

Many shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks work in an office environment. However, in certain industries they may work in the warehouse.

This job requires at least a high school diploma. For this job, some industries require secondary education.

The annual salary for shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks is $39,200. The salary may vary depending on the company.

9. Forklift Operators ($37,100)

Forklift operators are responsible to load and unload goods in warehouses and must also drive forklifts. They must ensure that there are no obstructions in the forklift’s driving area.

Forklift operators need to ensure that all products are properly arranged in the warehouse and placed on the shelves. All safety regulations must be followed by all employees. Most companies require forklift operators to wear personal protective gear while they work in the company.

Operators of forklifts must identify expired products and place them in front so that they can be picked up first.

To drive a forklift, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent.

This job requires a variety of skills. The average annual salary for a forklift operator in the United States is $37,000.

8. Sales Manager ($68,010)

The primary responsibility of a sales manager is to manage the sales department. They must develop and implement sales strategies, as well as set profit goals. They supervise sales teams and monitor their performance. Their primary goal is to promote the products within the Organization.

To apply for this job, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or another field. You must also be able to lead a sales team. A sales manager typically earns $68,000 annually.

7. Marketing Manager ($134,000)

A Marketing Manager’s job is to analyse the market trends and create a strategy. He also needs to oversee the branding and advertising campaigns, as well as manage the marketing department.

To apply for this job, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance or a similar field.

You must also have a deep understanding of current market conditions and strategies to do this job. Certain industries prefer to have experienced marketing managers, while others prefer freshers.

This is a hard-working job that requires many skills. The pay is high. An average annual salary for a Marketing Manager is $133,000

6. Purchasing Manager ($75,100)

The role of a purchasing manager is to review purchase orders and keep track of the goods ordered and received. They also negotiate prices with suppliers. The Manager can also be contacted to discuss the Company’s requirements. The team then visits various vendors to find the best material for their needs at an affordable price.

To be a Purchasing Manager, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics, Business Administration or another similar field. A Purchasing Manager typically earns $75,000.

5. Accountants (£77,100)

An Accountant‘s job is to review the Company’s financial statements to ensure they are accurate and in compliance with the Company’s laws and regulations. 

Other duties include the preparation of financial statements, maintaining accounting records, and suggesting ways that can reduce costs and increase profitability. This is a job that requires the candidate to work in an office.

To be able to hold this job, you will need a bachelor’s in Accounting, Finance, or another related field. You will also need to be proficient in Microsoft Word and spreadsheets in order to apply for this job. An Accountant typically earns $77,000 annually.

4. Industrial Designers ($76,100)

To find the best design for customers, industrial designers often work closely with marketing specialists and engineers. Computer is their primary tool. Software like Computed Aided Designing is used to sketch different ideas and make adjustments after discussing the matter with team members and authorities.

They are creative and can come up with innovative ideas to create products for an industry. They are responsible for innovating, planning, designing, testing, and evaluating products.

To apply for this position in the Industry, you must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Architecture. The average salary for an industrial engineer is $76,000 per year.

3. Lawyers ($125,900)

In an industry, the primary function of lawyers is to protect the company from any legal violations. They can advise on important business transactions or joint ventures. They also negotiate with suppliers when there is a contract between the Company and them.

To become a lawyer in a good industry, you must have a bachelor’s in law. A layer earns $125,890 an year.

2. Engineering Manager (150,100)

An Engineering manager’s primary responsibility is to develop and research products. The Engineering manager will prepare a budget and project timeline, oversee the Engineers and motivate them to finish it in the given time. 

Coordinating with other departments, the engineering manager ensures that all Engineering projects are completed by the deadline and in accordance to the Organization’s rules.

For an Engineering Manager job at the Company, you must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or something similar. An Engineering manager earns $150,100 annually.

1. Quality Control Inspector

The Quality Control Inspector reviews blueprints and specifications, and inspects the product using various equipment to detect defects and deviations from specifications. They supervise the product from its raw material stage through to the final product. Products that do not meet standards are rejected.


The Greatest Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery / Components have been discussed. If you are interested in this job and have the qualifications required, then apply for the job. After joining, you will receive a competitive salary and other benefits.

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