House-keeping Attendant Jobs in Malta 2022

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There are many jobs available in Malta for Housekeeping attendants. However, I’m looking for a very intelligent and hardworking person to work in my hotel. I will provide food once a week as well as accommodation.

Details of Housekeeping Attendant Jobs in Malta 2022

Information of House-keeping
Job Sector- Hotel & Restaurant
Full Time –Work Time
Type of Contract-Contract To Hire
Position – Housekeeping Attendant
Application Date 13/08/2022
Last Application Date 27/10/2022
Weekly Hour – 40 HRS

House keeping Attendant Jobs In Malta 2022 Jobs Responsibility

  1. How to Make a Guest Room and a Bed
  2. Assisting a guest with luggage and making a room.
  3. Cleaning an Outer Site Window and Glass
  4. Make sure to clean the kitchen.
  5. It is important to clean the kitchen’s washroom.
  6. Make sure your utensils are clean and tidy.

Housekeeping Attendant Job In Malta 2022 Skills

  1. Knowledge Of Cleaning Floor, Kitchen Area, Washroom, Bathroom, And Entrance Area.
  2. The Use of Cleaning Chemicals.
  3. I can mop, sweep, and clean.
  4. Cleaning a Window and Glass.

Maltese House keeping Attendant Job 2022

European Country (Malta).


English Intermediate – B 1
English Intermediate – B 1
English Intermediate – B 1
English Intermediate – B 1
Maltese Beginner – A 1
Maltese Beginner – A 1
Maltese Beginner – A 1
Maltese Beginner – A 1

Housekeeping Attendant Jobs In Malta 2022 Experience

Housekeeping Attendant Minimum (2-Year) Two year Experience


Minimum High School Pass

Housekeeping Attendant Job In Malta 2022 Salary

1050 EURO (Inclusive All Compensation)

How to Apply for a Housekeeping Attendant Jobs

If you are interested in applying for a job as a housekeeping attendant, please send your CV and cover letter to our recruitment officer.

Information about the Employer

Name Of Employer – Intercontinental Hotel Malta

Address of Employer – St. George’s Bay St. Julian’s STJ 33310 Malta

Intercontinental Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels in Malta. It is a 5-star hotel with a google rating above 2000. This hotel is in St. Julian.

The employees here get a great salary, and they are allowed to work 40 hours per week. If you work at this hotel, you can also work overtime. You will receive your salary separately. This job will allow you to live comfortably and your salary will go up by 2x.

Thank you for applying for the Housekeeping Attendant job. If we are selected, then we will contact you very soon…

How to Apply for a Housekeeping Attendant Job

Click the Apply Now button and click on the Employer Email Address. Attach your Cv and Cover Letter, then send.

Do You Need a Driving License.

It is not necessary to have a driving license because this is not a driving job.

Do I Qualify For Housekeeping Attendant Job?

To be eligible, you must have at least two years of experience as a housekeeping attendant.

House Keeping Attendant Jobs

The housekeeping attendants play an important role in ensuring that guests are comfortable in hotels. These professionals perform general housekeeping tasks like cleaning guest rooms, replenishing toiletries, changing bed sheets and dusting furniture. They are friendly and helpful to guests, which helps promote a positive image for the establishment. They should also be knowledgeable about the property’s attractions and facilities.

House-keeping Attendant Jobs In Malta
House-keeping Attendant Jobs In Malta

Job description

A housekeeping attendant job description focuses on maintaining the cleanliness of a lodging facility. Cleaning the hallways and lounge areas, changing linens, and cleaning bathrooms are some of the typical duties. They may also replenish guestroom toiletries and stock coffee or tea bars. Other tasks may include emptying trash cans and checking the rooms for dirty laundry.

The job description of a housekeeping attendant varies from establishment to establishment. They usually have at least a high-school education. They are required to stand for long periods of time because of the nature of their job. They may be required to respond to special requests or report maintenance issues to their supervisor.


Housekeeping attendants have different responsibilities depending on the employer. The job may include cleaning a room’s floors and mirrors, stocking restrooms and tables with clean towels, making beds, and sanitizing equipment. Housekeeping attendants also may be asked to perform administrative tasks, such as escalating concerns to management. In general, housekeeping attendants earn slightly more than a room attendant, earning about $1,710 per hour.

Responsibilities of a housekeeping attendant may include changing sheets and towels before a guest arrives. A housekeeping attendant may also be responsible cleaning out the bathroom and replacing old towels with new ones.


The majority of Hotel Housekeeping Attendants in the United States have a high school diploma. New York’s cost of living is higher that the national average. This cost includes the cost of health services, food, rent, utilities, and taxes. Salary for housekeeping attendant jobs will vary depending on the location.

The average salary for a Housekeeping Attendant varies from $17,020 to $33,380. The highest 20% earn more than that. The middle 60% earn between $17,020 to $20,740 annually. The gross salary includes taxes, so a Housekeeping attendant earning this average income would be subject to a 12% tax rate.

Education is required

Housekeeping attendant jobs are available in lodging establishments such as hotels, motels, and vacation resorts. They perform a variety of duties, such as vacuuming and mopping floors, and make beds and other household items. Other duties include dusting and polishing furniture and counters in guest rooms. In addition, they may empty trash cans and change light bulbs.

The education required to be a housekeeper attendant varies depending on the establishment. The average person has a high school diploma, but an associate’s degree can lead to higher paying positions. The position of executive housekeeper can be an excellent option for people with a background in hospitality.

Housekeeping Attendant Jobs In Malta 2022, Cleaner Jobs In Malta, Room Attendant Jobs In Malta, Dishwasher Jobs In Malta, Housekeeping Supervisor Jobs In Malta, Europe Job

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