Kitchen Assistant (Helper) Jobs in Malta, Europe

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Kitchen Helper Jobs In Malta 2022 We are looking for hardworking individuals who can work and have knowledge in kitchen helper work. They should also have experience in kitchen helper work.

Kitchen Helper Vacancies In Malta

We were searching for a hardworking, honest, and reliable kitchen helper to work in our hotel. Now, they will have to take over the responsibility for cleaning the hotel. So now, we need to bring the kitchen helper along with the cleaning. You must have previous experience in the field to be considered for these jobs. If you are interested in a job with our company, please send your resume and application form to below email address.

Information about Kitchen Helper Jobs in Malta 2022

Job Sector- Hotel & Restaurant
Full Time –Work Time
Type of Contract-Contract To Hire
Position – Kitchen Helper
Application Date 10/08/2022

Jobs in Malta for Kitchen Helpers 2022

  1. All the ingredients required to prepare a meal
  2. Assisting the chef to prepare the meal
  3. Cut vegetables and fruits
  4. Make sure to clean the kitchen.
  5. It is important to clean the kitchen’s washroom.
  6. Make sure your utensils are clean and tidy

Job Location Of Kitchen Helper Jobs In Malta

St. Julian’s ( Malta)

Language Requirement Of Kitchen Helper Jobs In Malta

English Intermediate User – B2
English Intermediate User – B2
Maltese Beginner User A2
Maltese Beginner User A2

Needed Experience in the Kitchen Helper Job In Malta 2022

As Kitchen Helper Minimum ( Year) Two-year Experience.

Needed Education for Kitchen Helper Jobs in Malta 2022

Minimum High School Pass

Salaries for Kitchen Helpers in Malta: 2022

1050 Euro (Inclusive All Compensation)

How to Apply for Kitchen Assistant Jobs in Malta 2022

Send your resume and application letter by email to Post

Details Of Employer Kitchen Helper Jobs In Malta 2022

  1. Name Of Employer – Intercontinental Hotel Malta
  2. Address of Employer – St. George’s Bay St. Julian’s STJ 3310 Malta
  3. Company Site – Click Here

Intercontinental Hotel is Malta’s best hotel. This five-star hotel has a high google rating and is located in St. Julian. This hotel is Malta’s top service provider. It employs approximately 400 staff members.

The hotel’s management is also the best. This hotel is known for its excellent customer service and the willingness to help others. The employees here get a great salary, and they are allowed to work 40 hours per week.

If you work at this hotel, you can also work overtime. You will also receive your salary separately. This job will allow you to live comfortably and your salary will go up by 2x.

Kitchen Helper Jobs in Malta
Kitchen Helper Jobs in Malta

Frequency Question

Do I Qualify For Kitchen Helper Job?

If you have more than two years experience as a kitchen helper, then you are eligible

How to Apply for a Kitchen Helper Job.

Click the Apply Now button and click on the Employer Email Address. Attach your Cv and Cover Letter, then send.

Do You Need a Driving Licence?

This is not a driving job so you don’t need a driving license

How to Get Kitchen Helper Jobs in Malta

There are many different ways to become a kitchen helper. These positions include helping chefs prepare food and cleaning up after them. They may also work in other industries. Depending on the industry, tasks may vary and range from cleaning to food prep. Many companies offer training on the job and are looking for positive attitudes and the ability follow instructions.

Job description

A kitchen assistant is someone who assists chefs in the kitchen, performing a variety tasks such as cooking and cleaning. A kitchen helper can work in a wide range of settings, including restaurants, hotels, and fast food restaurants. Many companies offer training for short-term workers. They are looking for someone who is positive and follows directions.

The primary responsibility of a kitchen helper is to help the cook with food preparation. This involves washing, cutting, and gathering ingredients. A kitchen helper must have good manual dexterity and excellent physical stamina.

They should also have good communication and organization skills. Besides this, they must be able to work in a team environment. Candidates must be available to work at all times of the day, and flexible enough to work weekends.


The average gross salary for a Kitchen Helper in Malta is EUR10,511, or about EUR5 per hour. The average bonus is EUR402, and the highest paid individuals earn an average of EUR12,184 a year.

The ERI salary data is based upon anonymous surveys of employees from Malta. Salary data for this job title is estimated to grow by seven percent over the next five years.

A variety of tasks are performed by kitchen helpers, including cleaning up after meals and cooking. As such, it is vital that these individuals have the necessary skills. Many of these jobs require flexibility and the ability to work weekends or nights.


A kitchen assistant job in Malta requires less education than a high school diploma. This job involves maintaining stock levels of condiments and condiments, cleaning up the kitchen, and supporting chefs. Salaries for kitchen helpers in Malta can range from EUR5 an hour to EUR10 an hour.

A kitchen assistant must be knowledgeable about food safety standards. They should be familiar with all the different food preparation methods. Moreover, they should also have a good command over food hygiene standards.

Training requirements

A kitchen helper is responsible for assisting chefs and maintaining the cleanliness of a kitchen. They can work in many different industries and perform a variety tasks, from cleaning up afterward to preparing food. Usually, these workers will receive on-the-job training before starting work.

Employers are looking for candidates with a positive attitude and who can follow instructions well.

If you are interested in working in the kitchen, you will need to be well-versed in food safety procedures and standards.

The ideal candidate will have at least a high school diploma and have at least one year of relevant experience working in the kitchen. Other job duties include restocking and selling items.


If you’re looking for a new job and want to make extra money, you should consider applying for Kitchen Helper jobs in Malta. These jobs are ideal for those who have experience in the kitchen or those who have lost their job due to the Covid-19 epidemic. These positions require communication skills and the ability perform the tasks.

As a kitchen helper, you will be responsible for helping cooks prepare meals and cleaning up after them. You will need to have good manual dexterity as well as a solid knowledge of food safety. In addition, you should have a strong sense of organization and communication skills.

You must also be able work independently without supervision. The position also requires you to be available for flexible hours, which means you might need to work on the weekend.

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