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Are you interested in working as a Loading Assistant for a well-respected company? Express Trailers is the right place for you. It is a Malta-based transport and logistics company. It provides supply chain services for clients in the areas of food, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemicals, and chemicals.

The candidate who is selected must be able to load and unload cargo from incoming vehicles. This job requires you to be physically fit.

Apply for this Loading Assistant position if you feel you have the skills and experience to do this job. If the Company selects your resume, they will contact you.

Information about Loading Assistant Jobs in Malta

Transport and Logistics Company – Job Sector
Work time – Full-time
Express Trailers – Name of the Company
Location – Malta, Europe
Type of contract – Contract for hiring
Loading Assistant – Position
Education – Not specific
Salary: It depends on how well you perform during your interview.
Apply now – How to apply

Work as a Loading Assistant in the Company

  1. The goods must be unloaded from the vehicles.
  2. To ensure correct stock, you must inspect and receive the goods.
  3. Unpack the goods and place them in the warehouse stacks.
  4. Prepare the order for the client by gathering all goods and loading them into vehicles.
  5. Check the goods at loading and unloading and get signed by the client.
  6. When needed, you must help other staff members.
  7. Maintaining a clean warehouse is essential.

Work as a Loading Assistant in the Company

  1. Good police conduct is essential.
  2. You must be able lift and transport heavy objects.
  3. Be well-behaved
  4. Both English and Maltese can be used to communicate

What are the benefits of being a Loading Assistant in the Company?

  1. Excellent salary package
  2. You will benefit from a young and experienced team that will assist you in your career development.

How do you apply for a Load Assistant post in the Company?

You need to send your resume to [email protected] can call on 25589602 to know more about the job and the Company.

Loading Assistant in Malta

Loading Assistant
Loading Assistant In Malta 2

The duties of a Loading Assistant are varied, but they all have one thing in common: they are responsible for processing inbound and outbound shipments, invoices and other activities related to the processing of invoicing documents. The Administrative/Finance Assistant for the European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA) is another position where a Loading Assistant is required.

Loading Assistant is responsible for inbound / outbound shipments, invoices and other activities related to processing of invoicing documents

Loading Assistants process inbound / outbound shipments, processing invoices and other invoicing documents. They are trained in the use of electronic systems and are knowledgeable about the nuances of the invoicing process. They are also responsible for maintaining and filing electronic records.

As an inbound / outbound shipments and invoices processing assistant, your main task will be to ensure that all required documents are processed correctly. This includes ensuring that all shipping information is entered into the system and scanned accurately. Other duties include entering data in SAP, ensuring the driver has the correct information and placing the paperwork in the trailer. You will also need to communicate with carriers to find out the estimated arrival time of your shipment and to ensure the delivery of the package.

In addition to being responsible for processing inbound / outbound shipments, the Loading Assistant will also be responsible for inbound / outbound invoices, processing of invoicing documents, and additional activities related to invoicing documents. This position requires a background in information systems, warehousing, and data processing.

Administrative/Finance Assistant for the European Union Agency for Asylum

A role as an Administrative/Finance Assistant for the European Agency for Asylum (EUAA) in Malta is available with MGR Human Resources Ltd. The EUAA is an EU Regulatory Agency based in Malta with a mandate to strengthen practical cooperation in asylum and support asylum systems under pressure. Its work focuses on enhancing the implementation of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS).

Malta is a member of the European Union and has implemented the Schengen acquis. This means that it is bound by the EU’s conventions on the protection of human rights. The European Court of Human Rights has issued a number of rulings on the human rights of migrants in Malta. In 2013, the Court of Human Rights ruled that a 17-month administrative detention of an asylum applicant was unlawful. This ruling was made based on Article 5(1) of the European Convention.

The EU’s directives on irregular migration govern the immigration system and procedures in Malta. Without documentation, irregular migrants are trapped in the country.


As a loading assistant, you will be responsible for inbound and outbound shipments. Your job will include preparing orders, invoices, and documentation for delivery. You will also handle paperwork from local agencies and customs and coordinate with affiliates in the local community. To succeed in this role, you will need to thrive in a fast-paced environment and have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

You will be working under the supervision of a Business Manager and will be responsible for providing reliable, courteous and efficient customer service. As part of a team, you will also be required to assist in the administration of the business. You will have a wide range of tasks that will help you grow your career in Malta.

Loading Assistant Jobs In Malta, Loading Assistant Jobs In Europe, Loading Assistant Jobs For Foreigners In Malta, Loading Assistant Jobs in Malta

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