Technician Jobs In Malta (Europe) 2022

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Technician Jobs In Europe

Are you interested in working as a technician for a well-respected company? Apply now to Abertax Technology Limited if you are interested in a career as a Technician. It is a battery manufacturing company in Malta (Paola), Europe. Since 1998, the Company has been in Malta. 

The Company employs a team that includes electrical, chemical and electronic engineers. They continuously develop and research new products.

The company is currently looking for a technician. As a Technician, the candidate must be able to operate machinery and production equipment. If you feel you’re the right person for this job, contact Abertax Technology Limited. Candidates who reside in Malta or Europe will be preferred by the Company.

Information about Technician Jobs in Malta 2022

Sector Job – Battery Manufacturing Company
full-time work
Name of the Company – Abertax Technology Limited
Location – Malta, Europe
Type of contract – Contract for hiring
Position – Technician
Education – A diploma in mechanical or electrical engineering or equivalent to MQF 4. Interviews with candidates who have Wireman’s licenses A or /or B will get more attention.
Experience in the workplace – Three years
Apply now – How to apply

Work As A Technician in The Company

  1. Analyze and inspect the machinery and equipment.
  2. Your role is to assist Research and Development in creating prototypes.
  3. New equipment and machinery can be installed.
  4. Before you start a project, estimate the time and cost of the material.
  5. Repairing damaged machinery or equipment is necessary.
  6. It is important to work with suppliers.
  7. Make any component.

Job Requirement To Work As Technician In Company

  1. Valid driving licence
  2. Either a Mechanical or an Electrical background is required.
  3. Learn about pneumatic systems
  4. Learn about hydraulic systems.
  5. Technical drawings and wiring are essential.
  6. It is important to be familiar with Microsoft Office and Computers.
  7. Reports and data analysis are essential skills. You will need to know MS Word and Excel.
  8. You should be able work properly with less supervision.
  9. You must be able to manage small projects within the company.
  10. Communication with colleagues and higher authorities is a requirement. This job requires good communication skills.
  11. It is important to have curiosity and a desire to learn.
  12. Your analytical skills must be strong.
  13. Attention

Employer Benefits for Woking as a Technician in Malta 2022

  1. Attractive Salary Package
  2. Retirement benefits
  3. Insurance benefits
  4. Medical Insurance
  5. Dental Insurance
  6. Disability Insurance
  7. Paid leave
  8. Child care benefits
  9. Working with an experienced team can help you to grow your career.

How do you apply for a technician position in the company?

Click on the link below to fill out the details. At the end, upload your CV.

Apply for Job

Thank you for applying for the Technician position. If the Company is interested in your resume, they will call you to interview.

Technician Jobs In Malta

Technician Jobs In Malta 2022
Technician Jobs In Malta 2022

If you are a qualified technician, you can apply for Technician Jobs in Malta. The positions are offered on a first come first serve basis. Candidates are required to apply with all the required documentation. They should have an excellent command of both Maltese and English. If you are interested, you should contact the employer for more information. Applicants should note that they are not allowed to wear traditional Maltese clothing while on duty.

Job outlook for HVAC Technicians in Malta

The salary range for an HVAC Technician in Malta varies, depending on the employer. The average annual pay for this profession is around 22,000 EUR, but this can vary considerably, depending on the location. If you work for a larger company or in a more lucrative industry, you can expect to get more money. You can also expect bonuses as part of your compensation package. Some positions in Malta pay higher bonuses than others, but these bonuses aren’t consistent across sectors.

Salaries for HVAC Technicians in Malta range from EUR 15,580 EUR to EUR 22,660 EUR per year. Salaries can be higher or lower depending on the years of experience and education. A technician with less than two years of experience can expect to earn as little as 7,020 EUR, while someone with more than five years of experience can earn up to 15,380 EUR per year.

Salary range for HVAC Technicians in Malta

The average gross salary for HVAC Technicians in Malta is EUR28,508, equivalent to around EUR14 per hour. On top of the base salary, HVAC Technicians also earn an average bonus of EUR530. The figures are based on survey data collected from employers in Malta. The salaries range from EUR20,613 for entry-level positions to EUR34,925 for senior-level jobs.

A six-month training program can cost as little as $1,200. An associate degree, on the other hand, takes two years and costs an average of $7,500. While bachelor’s degree programs are more expensive and less common, employers typically prefer those with postsecondary education to start their career. Another option is an apprenticeship, which lasts from three to five years and involves on-the-job training.

HVAC technicians are responsible for maintaining and repairing heating and air conditioning systems. They may also troubleshoot and install new equipment. They typically start out as apprentices and eventually progress to management roles.

Application process for HVAC Technician jobs in Malta

If you are interested in becoming an HVAC Technician in Malta, you can apply through the Skillbee app. As an HVAC technician, you will be responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of HVAC systems. Moreover, you will have to follow Occupational Health and Safety Act guidelines. Additionally, you will have to have a valid work permit.

Klimaflo Air Conditioning is looking for an HVAC Technician to join their team. In this position, you will be reporting to a Technical Services Officer and be responsible for carrying out HVAC work on vehicles. Additionally, you will be working with tire technicians who work for vehicle repair shops, tire stores, and dealerships. You will also be responsible for installing, balancing, and repairing tires for both commercial and passenger cars.

You should have at least a high school diploma. An associate’s degree in HVAC will help you land a higher-paying job. It also teaches you how to read blueprints and how to use tools. In addition, it allows you to offer more services as an HVAC technician. Ultimately,

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