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VNA Driver In Malta Jobs

Do you want to work as a VNA driver in a well-respected company? Apply to The General Soft Drinks Co Limited if you are interested in a VNA driver position at a renowned Company.

This is a well-known Company in Malta that manufactures soft drinks. It focuses on recycling and climate protection, and always seeks to use manufacturing processes that aren’t harmful to the environment.

This company is currently looking for a VNA driver. The candidate must be able to drive a VNA truck. Apply to this Company if you feel you are a good candidate for the job or have previous experience in this field.

VNA Driver Job Information – Post in The Company

Soft drinks Manufacturing Company – Job Sector
full-time work
Name of company – The General Soft Drinks Co Limited
Type of Contract – Contract for Hiring
VNA Driver – Position
Education – Secondary education
Experience in work – Not mentioned
Apply now to get started

Job Responsibilities For Working As VNA Driver In Malta

  1. You will need to be able to pick up merchandise from the Company’s warehouse.
  2. It is necessary to have inventory ready for dispatch.
  3. You should inspect the vehicle regularly. Report any defects to the authorities immediately.
  4. Maintain the vehicle
  5. Take the fastest and most convenient route to deliver beverages to your clients.
  6. A VNA truck must be driven.
  7. When necessary, collect payments
  8. Keep track of all goods loaded, dispatched and items delivered to clients.
  9. You can load and unload beverages in your vehicle.

Job Requirement For Working As VNA Driver In Malta

  1. Learn English and write English
  2. Computer knowledge is essential
  3. You should have a valid Category B driving licence.
  4. Basic maths skills.
  5. You must have completed a course on forklift operation.
  6. It is essential that you can work on a three-shift schedule.

What skills are required to work as a VNA driver post in Malta

  1. Problem-solving
  2. VNA driver job involves communicating with clients, officials, and coworkers. Communication skills are essential.
  3. Ability to see the problem from many angles and find solutions.
  4. Attention
  5. Multitasking
  6. Time Management
  7. Interpersonal skills
  8. Analytical skills
  9. Curiosity to discover more
  10. Working with people
  11. Can you handle minor problems independently?

Employer Benefits for VNA Driver Post in Malta 2022

  1. Retirement benefits
  2. Disability Insurance
  3. Child care benefits
  4. Paid leave
  5. Paid holidays
  6. Leave for sick
  7. Dental Insurance
  8. Medical Insurance
  9. Good salary
  10. From time to time, salary increment
  11. You will be able to work with an experienced and qualified team that will enhance your career.

How can you apply to be a VNA driver in Malta 2022?

Update your resume and send it to the email below

We are grateful that you have applied for the VNA Driver position in our company. The interview will be announced soon.

VNA Driver Post In Malta
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