Warehouse Coordinator Jobs in Malta 2022

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Do you want to be a warehouse coordinator in a highly regarded organization? Express Trailers is looking for Warehouse Coordinators. It is a well-known Transport and Logistics Company located in Malta, Europe.

Warehouse Coordinator

The Warehouse Coordinator position will require the candidate to be involved in managing and running the warehouse. This job is for those who have previous experience in this field.

Work as a Warehouse Coordinator in Malta

Job-Sector – Transport & Logistics Company
Part-time work – Work time
Express Trailers: Name of the Company
Location – Malta, Europe
Type of contract: Contract for hiring
Education – Not mentioned.
Experience – At least two years experience in the management and maintenance of a warehouse is required.
Salary – It all depends on how you answer the interview questions.
How to apply: Click on the Apply Now button.

Job Responsibilities/Duties For Working As Warehouse Coordinator In Malta

  1. Forklift drivers must be directed to place goods at the correct places.
  2. When necessary, you might need to drive a Forklift Truck.
  3. Maintaining warehouse inventory is essential.
  4. You must coordinate and plan the movement of products from the warehouse.
  5. Keep records or document all work performed in the warehouse.
  6. Other duties may be required in the warehouse.

Job requirement to work as a warehouse coordinator in Malta 2022

  1. Previous experience with Forklift trucks will be helpful.
  2. You must be able to read and spell flawlessly
  3. Valid driving license required
  4. Over two years of experience in the organization of goods in a warehouse
  5. Time management skills.
  6. Organizing skill
  7. You will need to be familiar with inventory software and control system.

What are the benefits of working in Malta as a Warehouse Coordinator?

  1. A good salary package
  2. A young, energetic team will give you the opportunity to work with them. This will help you grow in your career.

How do I apply for the post of warehouse coordinator in Malta?

You need to send your CV to [email protected]. For more information about the job position, call 2558 9962

Warehouse Coordinator Jobs in Malta
Warehouse Coordinator Jobs in Malta

Warehouse Coordinator Jobs in Malta

If you’re looking for Warehouse Coordinator Jobs in Malta, you’ve come to the right place. We have listed several Supply Chain, Transport, and Warehousing jobs available in Malta, as well as the skills needed for these positions. You can also check out our salary guide if you’re wondering what you can expect in your new role.

Supply Chain, Transport & Warehousing Jobs in Malta

Supply Chain Coordinators earns an average salary of 50,660 EUR annually, which includes housing and transport costs. The salary for this position can vary widely, however, depending on skills, experience, and location. Males typically earn a slightly higher salary than their female counterparts. If you’re considering a career in supply chain coordination, consider the salary data in Malta to determine the potential earnings for your position.

In a supply-chain job, you would be responsible for all aspects of transportation, logistics, and warehouse management. You would also be responsible for purchasing and managing products. You would oversee the process of warehousing and transportation from suppliers to customers. This job also requires you to attend training programs that the company offers.

The ideal candidate should have a high school diploma and at least one year of experience. SAP experience is preferred, but you must be willing to learn and adapt. You should also have excellent customer service and follow-up skills and be able to communicate clearly.

Salary for Warehouse Coordinators in Malta

Malta’s economy has a variety of different industries, and salaries for warehouse coordinators in Malta are no exception. On average, men earn 51,900 EUR, while women earn 49,820 EUR. Salaries are typically higher for those who work in the public sector. A salary for a warehouse coordinator in Malta varies greatly depending on the level of education and experience.

Salary is often dependent on experience, but the average salary for a warehouse coordinator in Malta is around EUR24,354. This amount is EUR12.12 per hour. The average salary is based on salary survey data compiled from employers in Malta. The salary range for warehouse coordinators ranges from EUR17,610 for entry-level positions to EUR29,812 for senior-level coordinators.

Required skills for Warehouse Coordinators

A Warehouse Coordinator is a person with knowledge of inventory control. He or she prepares pallets and ensures that each pallet contains the correct products. He or she is responsible for scanning and labeling all pallets, including the pallet’s contents. The duties of a Warehouse Coordinator are varied, and the position requires knowledge of a variety of warehouse systems and procedures.

Warehouse coordinators work in teams and must have strong communication and collaboration skills. They must also have excellent organizational skills and problem-solving skills. Generally, warehouse coordinator jobs are full-time. They may require working on shifts or weekends. They also must have a high school diploma. To apply for a job as a Warehouse Coordinator, make sure to read the job description carefully. It should include hiring instructions and an outline of the company culture.

A warehouse coordinator is responsible for maintaining the inventory of the warehouse. They must monitor the inventory and direct the movement of products and supplies. They must also follow the company’s guidelines and demonstrate respect for employees and customers. Warehouse coordinators enjoy a competitive market salary and benefits package.

Warehouse Coordinator Jobs in Malta, Warehouse Manager Jobs In Malta 2022 Warehouse Coordinator Jobs In Europe Warehouse Coordinator Jobs For Foreigners In Malta

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