Honest and Energetic Welder Jobs in Malta

We are seeking an honest and energetic welder to join our team.

Welder Jobs in Malta

You should have previous experience as a welding technician and good knowledge in cutting rods and joining I beams. Also, you should be able to read and interpret weld drawings.

Send your resume and cover letter to our recruitment officer if you are interested in applying for the job of welder.

Job Details of Welder Jobs in Malta

Sector of Employment – Factory
Work Time – Full Time
Name Of Company – Halmann Vella Ltd.
Type of Contract- To Hire
Position – Welder
Date of application – 21/11/2022
Education – High School
Work Experience – Entry-Level Experience
Salary – It All Depends on Your Interview
How to Apply – Click the Apply Now button
Location – Malta
Follow the Email Address to send your Cover Letter and CV.

Job Responsibilities of Welder Jobs in Malta

  • It is important to understand and read the blueprint drawing.
  • Welding small and large parts, such as copper plumbing, beams and plumbing work, is a must.
  • An industrial welding machine is required.
  • Supervisors are responsible for overseeing industrial welding machines, as well as other machines, and ensuring that they are sent to maintenance when necessary.
  • Take a look at the area where you would like to weld and create a plan. Then, start welding.
  • To avoid burning things, you must follow safety rules.
  • It is important that you are able to work all three shifts within a single week. There will be no excuses.
  • Maintenance of all welding machines within the company must be done at least once per month. If you find a problem with a machine, you can send it in for repair.
  • Monitor the temperature of your welding machine.
  • It is important that you can do both vertical and horizontal welding.

Job Requirement of Welder Jobs in Malta

  • A certificate of education must be obtained in order to work as a welder.
  • You must provide evidence of your experience.
  • It is important to know how to use a welder.
  • It is important to know where tools and equipment are located.
  • You will need to work in a group and coordinate with your colleagues.
  • It is necessary to have knowledge in welding and electrical engineering.
  • It is essential that you do the welding work honestly.
  • It is necessary to be able speak, read, and write English.
  • Experience in welding is required.
  • At least you must have graduated from high school.

How to Apply

You must have at least three to five years experience to be considered for the position of welder operator in our company. We are the best company. If you are a talented and intelligent candidate, we will consider you for employment in our company.

You can apply for the job at our company by sending your resume and cover letter to the email address below.

Thank you for applying for a job as a welder in Malta. If you are selected, we will get back to you.

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